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Bell Tech.logix can assist with all parts of procurement process.
You may be responsible for a large-scale IT initiative or simply upgrading a handful of workstations. Bell provides access to a vast array of hardware and software from more than 900 manufacturers, as well as comprehensive consulting services to ensure your purchases will work as intended. Bell procurement solutions are designed to be strategic, fast and cost-effective.

To view technology purchases more as an investment, rather than an expense, they should be well defined, planned, and executed. To accomplish these tasks, we offer procurement consulting services that include:

  • Technology Assessment: Your organization uses technology to communicate and automate processes in unique ways. Based on current system availability, reliability and functionality, we help identify how you can further leverage technology to create greater effectiveness
  • Technology Planning: The role technology does and can play in your organization will help us recommend specific equipment, components and applications to best meet your objectives. We also help develop organizational purchasing standards and approval chains to ensure your technology standards are enforced across the enterprise.
  • Technology Purchasing: Our sales support associates have long-term relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors. This allows us to negotiate optimal shipping deadlines and competitive hardware and software pricing. You save your time and cost savings for more productive pursuits.

For procurement consulting services and large product refresh programs, contact Bill Sanders at or 317-704-6140.

For immediate product ordering and pricing, contact Juana Younce at or 866-287-3046.

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